In accordance with:

Regulations regarding enrollment and training Doctoral level issued by Circular number 18/2021/TT-BGDĐT on 28/6/2021 by Ministry of Education and Training,

Project regarding enrollment and training Doctoral level completely by English medium for foreigners approved by the President of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City on 15/7/2021,

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City announces Recruitment into English-Medium Ph.D. Program for Academic Year 2021 with the following information:

 1. Training aims

UEH English-taught Doctoral Program aims at training scientists, researchers in business and management majors with advanced capacity, possessing independent research ability, developing and answering new issues in economic science, lecturing ability at colleges, universities; supervising scientific research and professional activities in Vietnamese universities, Asia and in the world.

Concurrently, this Doctoral program also implements the target of meeting the requirements towards lecturer training at universities as well as those at foreign universities, international joint programs and research organizations in Viet Nam.

2. Training length, form and language

Training length for Doctoral program (since recognition decision towards PhD student status) is 4 academic years for a Master graduate. This training period can be extended, at most, for a further 24 months; however, the total training length must not exceed 72 months, including the thesis completion date for peer review stage. Doctoral training program implementation is performed in full time format, Ph.D. student must spend, at least, 12 months for personal continuous research period at training campus in the initial time, since recognition decision towards PhD student status.

English language is completely used in lecturing, thesis writing and defence. UEH lecturers are completely capable of lecturing and supervising Ph.D. students in writing thesis in English language.

Academic requirements towards Doctoral thesis and additional conditions for thesis defence exceed regulations of Circular 18/2021 and are equivalent to requirements from the Regulations regarding enrollment and training of Doctoral Program issued by the Circular number 08/2017/TT-BGDĐT by Ministry of Education and Training.

3. Number of students

Number of students for English-medium Doctoral Program in academic year 2021 at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is 20 Ph.D. students. UEH Doctoral-level enrollment Council decides the the number for specific major in accordance with the number of registration dossiers into majors and UEH training capacity.

4. English-medium training majors:

  • Development Economics                                           Code: 9310105
  • Finance - Banking                                                       Code: 9340201
  • Business Administration                                            Code: 9340102

5. Apply requirements

Applicants as foreign citizens from Southest Asia or foreigners who are lecturing, researching or working in Viet Nam should meet the following requirements:

5.1 In terms of diploma:

Having diplomas matching entrance registration majors: Master diplomas in economics, business and management majors. In case the applicants possess the diplomas in economics, business and management majors but different from the major, they should study some additional study units at Master level within economics, business and management majors after officially being recognized as Ph.D. students.

Non-approval for entrance enrollment towards applicants having Master degrees in different majors (non-economics, non-business and non-management majors) or have not achieved Master degrees.

5.2 Research capacity and experience, demonstrated as the following elements:

a) Accumulated experiences in scientific research, illustrated through being the author of 01 article published on International scientific journals with peer review less than 24 months until the entrance recruitment date.

b) Ability to deploy and complete research, illustrated through research proposal in accordance with compulsory form (3000-3500 words).

c) Gaining trust from scientists, illustrated through recommendation letter from, at least one scientist with Ph.D. or a more advanced title.

5.3 Linguistic proficiency to study, participate in international conferences and write thesis, illustrated through one of the following elements:

  1. Being citizens in the country, in which English is the official language;
  2. Possessing foreign under-graduate or Master diplomas awarded by foreign higher  education institutions for full-time learners abroad, in which, English language is used as medium;
  3. Achieving undergraduate diplomas in English Linguistics Major granted by Vietnamese educational organizations;
  4. Owning the certificates as follows: TOEFL iBT (higher than 65, issued by IIG, IIE or Centers authorized by ETS) or IELTS (Academic Test) (equivalent or higher than 6.0, granted by British Council, Australia IDP or University of Cambridge) within 2-year (24 months) until registration date.

6. Applying dossiers

1. Registration form (UEH form).

2. Scientific CV in English with personal photo.

3. Recommendation letters in English from two lecturers or scientists with Ph.D. or more advanced title.

4. One certified copy of the following documents:

- Undergraduate diploma and academic transcript;

- Master degree and academic transcript,

- Foreign language certificate,

- Identity Card or Passport.

5. Binding 05 (five) collections, in which 01 collection is comprised of: Research proposal (UEH form) and all articles published on international scientific journals with peer review less than 24 months until entrance date (cover page, content page, complete article/report content) of Ph.D. program applicants;

6. 02 4x6-sized photos of Ph.D. applicants with details of full name, date of birth behind.

Diplomas and academic transcripts awarded by international training institutes (other than English) must be certified in Vietnamese language or in English Language and submitted together with verification dispatch by Educational Quality Management Ministry department (information regarding registration for international  diplomas verification can be searched at

7. Enrollment method: Dossier evaluation

Ph.D. applicant evaluation is comprised of 100-score bench, including: Applicant dossier evaluation (40 scores); Research proposal evaluation (20 scores) and Interview (40 scores). Applicants are considered as Pass if dossier evaluation gets above 20 scores; research proposal gets above 10 scores and interview section receives above 20 scores.

7.1.      Applicant dossier evaluation, comprises the following contents:

a) Diploma and training results: Diploma judgement depends upon prestige of the higher education institution and applicants’ study outcomes at undergraduate and Master levels.

b) Published articles: evaluated by the ranking of journals, matching in research orientation and applicants’ registration major, article quality …

c) English proficiency.

d) Evaluation, comments and support towards applicants in recommendation letters: Upon recommenders’ reputation; recommendation contents (deep or shallow comments showing recommenders’ interest level towards the applicants).

7.2.      Research proposal evaluation:

Quality of research proposal: being evaluated based on persuasive way the applicants propose their research topic; profoundness and generality of literature review of relevant theories and researches; scientific feature of research aims and  research questions (obvious), proposed research methodology (appropriate); research plan (feasible); tight, logical and persuasive presentation in other contents...

7.3.   Interview: Ph.D. applicant presents his/her proposed research topic (research proposal) and implementation schedule in front of Ph.D. Enrollment Academic Sub-board. Sub-board members ask applicants questions for further evaluation in the following features:

- Knowledge: Deep knowledge of registered major with self-confidence towards research plan; mastering knowledge regarding proposed topic, research skills and knowledge, research methodology, research tools and so on.

- Research-related skills: Presenting study plan and research deployment if admitted; Explaining applicant’s strongpoints and weakpoints as well as general preparation.

- Ph.D. students’ required attitudes are comprised of: scientific research motivation (analysis and synthesis ability, logical and persuasive expression and so on); Attitude (motivation, maturity, condifence, determination to pursue Ph.D. program study and research program); critical thinking and other characteristics (curiosity, creativeness, discipline, honesty, job organizing and management, consistency and so on).

8. Training Program

Training program consisting 90 credits divided into 2 main sections: (i) Completing coursework (20 credits), (ii) Ph.D. thesis completion (70 credits). Details of each section are as follows:

8.1.   Research Coursework: 20 credits

 a. Study units in Methodology (8 credits)

  1. Research Design

4 credits

  1. Quantitative Methods/Econometrics

4 credits

b. Seminars on current research issues (3 credits), divided into 3 groups:

  1. Management issues

3 credits

  1. Finance - Banking issues

3 credits

  1. Economic issues

3 credits

 c. Presenting 3 Research topics (9 credits)

  1. Literature Review

3 credits

  1. Research topic 1

3 credits

  1. Research topic 2

3 credits


20 credits

8.2.   Doctoral thesis: (70 credits)

Doctoral thesis is initiated after Ph.D. student completes the study units above. Doctoral thesis is one independent research, in which, research outcomes demonstrate new contributions in terms of theory and practice for her/his appreciation, with scientific added value and solve the research questions of the thesis.

  1. Thesis defence conditions
    1. Completing coursework
    2. Being the first or corresponding author of 02 articles on Journals classified as WoS/Scopus Q3 or higher. Article contents must be related to thesis.
  2. Thesis defence steps
    1. Thesis defence at Training Faculty
    2. Independent peer review
    3. Thesis defence at University Academic Panel

9. Graduation conditions

Ph.D. student must complete English-medium Doctoral Training Program contents, comprising Coursework and Thesis evaluated at different levels. At the same time, Ph.D. student must be the first or corresponding author of 02 articles relevant research outcomes published on scientific journal in WoS/Scopus Q3 or higher. The most crucial condition is that Doctoral student must successfully defense his/her Doctoral thesis at University Academic Panel.

10. Enrollment fee, tuition fee:

Entrance fee: 1,650,000 VNĐ

Entrance dossier: 120,000 VNĐ

Doctoral training tuition fee being applied in schoolyear 2021 is 25,625,000 VNĐ/semester.

11. Scholarship:

UEH saves scholarship policy for foreign Ph.D. students during allowed training period (4 years) and dependent upon Ph.D. students’ capacity (up to 100% tuition fee and dormitory fee)

12. Enrollment deadline:

Announcement milestone: September, 2021.

Applying dossier submittal from 01/11/2021 to 15/11/2021.

Applicants send online dossier via email address:

Direct submittal or via post to: Graduate School - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, 59C Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street, Võ Thị Sáu Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Interview is scheduled in December, 2021.

Matriculation result announcement milestone: December, 2021.

New academic year and matriculation notification: December, 2021.

Enrollment notice and matriculation result are uploaded on website of Graduate School: and sent to applicants’ email addresses.

Contact information: Graduate School - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

59C Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street, Võ Thị Sáu Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Office number:  028. 38235277 (ext. 18) -  38295437

Download: Application form PhD program